Kitchen Design Advice

It is an exciting and a daunting task to design a new kitchen or remodel the existing kitchen. It is important to have a list of must-haves, along with the price list. There are certain areas that require consideration when a homeowner is remodeling or renovating the kitchen. It is important to ensure the basic principles of kitchen design are kept in mind, while incorporating innovative ideas.

While designing a kitchen, it is important to keep the basic, functional layout in mind. It is advisable to group the core work triangle, of stove, sink, and refrigerator together. This will help a person to save time going to and fro in the kitchen.

It is also worthwhile to invest in an over-sized, deep sink. This helps avoid splashing of water outside the sink especially while washing large utensils and dishes. It is also important to have a hot water connection to the sink taps for hot water.

Countertops are yet another area that requires some research. A minimum stretch of four feet should be allowed for, to enable baking with ease. It is advisable to choose the best quality of countertop available, as it is an area that tends to get damaged in the long run.

It should be ensured that the kitchen has proper ventilation, as it is very important factor for a hygienic and clean kitchen. It is important to place the exhaust fan in the proper location, as also the chimney. The cabinets in the kitchen need to be designed to ensure maximum utility.

It is imperative that a good kitchen has good lighting especially in the areas where food is being prepared. The homeowner can also include decorative lighting to suit the overall style of the kitchen. Certain mood lights are used to give special effects to glass front cabinets and cove ceilings.

Rules of Kitchen Design (Part 1)

When you are set to redecorate your kitchen, you will be thinking of the many kitchen designs that are available everywhere. Whatever your reasons for redesigning your kitchen, you must still abide to the kitchen designs rules in order to gain attraction for your kitchen as well as the functionality and comfort. The basic rules of kitchen design revolve around the following themes: (1) Space, (2) Light, (3) Color, (4) Texture, (5) Harmony, and (6) Personality. Together with these rules in mind, you must be able to plan your ideal kitchen with ease.

When setting out the space for your kitchen, you must keep in mind that you have to have focal points in your room. This will lead the viewers’ eyes to that focal point and then scan the whole area. You have to make sure that the passageway in key areas of your kitchen is accessible and that people will not bump into each other when they cross your kitchen. Plan out where you will be putting your kitchenware, furniture, equipment and accessories. This will help you reduce clutter and create more space in the kitchen.

Next, in formulation kitchen designs think of the lighting in the room during the day and during the night. If you have a very good source of light from sunshine during the day, perhaps you can maximize the use of your windows to allow light to come in freely. During the night, you can plan for a dramatic fixture for a romantic kitchen dinner or have a bright kitchen where you can easily see everything at once. You can also include in your planning where you will be putting the sockets and plugs and the lighting scheme to highlight some of your favorite areas in the kitchen.

When deciding for color for kitchen designs, think of the hue, value and intensity elements. Hue is the color itself, which is the deciding factor for your kitchen, because you can then adjust its hue (the darkness or lightness of the color) and the intensity or saturation of the color. Would you want it to look white and beige, or silver and black, or a multitude of pastel colors? In addition, as for texture and pattern, remember that light can make a big difference on it. Direct light will enhance a texture while diffuse light will not. So if you have already fixed the light, then you can still control the texture and pattern to enhance your kitchen.

A great and beautiful kitchen is in harmony with everything in it. Always avoid clutter and make use of your furniture and the set-up. Try to connect every element that was mentioned and you will create a harmonious relationship with your light, color, and texture. Finally, you can add personality to your kitchen, even your very own style can be incorporated here. Choose a decoration that will clearly show that you own this space, such as picture frames, wall decors, tile designs, sink and faucet designs, every little detail. Then when you are done with your planning, you can begin your renovation work.

4 Things To Consider When Planning Your Interior Kitchen Design

The country themed kitchen is perfect for those who have a family or enjoy entertaining. It can create the perfect setting and does not have to break the bank.

Since the kitchen is such an important room in every home there should be careful consideration taken when planning your interior kitchen design. The way that a kitchen looks has everything to do with how comfortable your family and guests feel when they enter the room. The kitchens of today are no longer just a place to cook and prepare food. They have basically been transformed into a genuine gathering place that speaks volumes about the type of person that you are. The kitchen is said to be the heart of the home and it is also a place that is constantly creating memories.

There are thousands of different choices when it comes to your interior kitchen design and each choice is rather unique. The factors that can help you decide what kind of interior kitchen design you want are generally the type of style that you prefer, location, how much space you have to work with, and the budget that you are working with. When you decide on a country kitchen for your interior kitchen design you will have to look at things like flooring and plumbing fixtures, in addition to standard decor. An authentic country kitchen will feel homey and comfortable, genuine and inviting. This will be a place that draws guests into it.

There should be all wood cabinets and countertops in a country kitchen to complete the atmosphere. The wood selection for your cabinets should be either oak or cedar. The floor should be look rustic and wood panels are perfect or at least wood look floor tiles. The kitchen tables and chairs should also be wood and the chairs should have pillow cushions on them that either match or accent the window coverings. The color choice should display a balance of harmony to the room.

Part of the interior kitchen design includes how the windows are dressed. The colors should be bright and include posies or even big colorful sunflowers. Bold yellows, blues, and reds will illuminate the kitchen. In door plants should fill the kitchen and accessories need to maintain that rustic charm. Old mugs, antique candleholders, clocks, and old canisters should be placed about to complete the kitchen.

Place an old bushel basket in a corner and fill it with your potatoes and other produce that you plan to use. Use canisters on your countertop to display things like oats, flour, and sugar in. This is a way to complete your country kitchen on a budget and to create an environment that is exactly what you wanted when you started planning your interior kitchen design. Fill a small basket with packets of yeast and place it on your countertop. If you can, locate an old wash board that would be ideal to situate in a corner.